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Car Keys

There are many different car keys on the market and pretty much each manufacture uses a different shape/design. Most manufacturers have more than one key type. You will normally find on the older cars the keys are double bitted( key has cuts down both sides of the key). The more modern cars have keys with a cut down the centre this is known as laser cut key. We carry approximately 100 different key blanks and blades. The common factor though with all keys is that from around 1996 ALL European car keys carry a transponder chip. So what is a Transponder chip and how does it work?


The word Transponder is made up of 2 words “Transmitter & Responder”.

Transponders are normally made of either plastic or Glass, the way they work is relatively simple, When the ignition is turned on the vehicle ECU send an electronic signal to the key and awaits a response, If the response is correct from the key this then disarms the immobiliser and allows the vehicle to start. This is one of the reasons that car keys are not as cheap as a standard house lock key. So even if you have a normally looking key without buttons it will still have a chip embedded in the head of the key.

Some modern vehicle have the transponder chip on the circuit board of the remote, so these will need to be replaced with another remote as a board mounted chip is different from a stand alone chip.

Key Programming

Normally when you are looking to replace or add a spare key you will be asked if you have the codes. What this normally means is do you have a keycode (this is a unique number/letters that tells the locksmith what shape to cut the key to) and the Immobiliser code( this is another unique number/letters required to programme a new key into the vehicle). Do not worry if you do not have the keycode as the locks can be picked and decoded or stripped to reveal what wafers make up your key. Also the Immobiliser code can be sourced or extracted from the vehicle. On certain vehicles this cannot be done and then what is required is known as Eepromming. This is where the ECU or Immobiliser box will need removal and the Eeprom will need to be read to extract the relevant information or the Data from the new key will be added to the Eeprom. The vehicle is then ready to start without the need for further programming.




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