How safe is your Vehicle?

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Latest News

Everybody loves the convenience of keyless entry to there vehicle, There is nothing worse than having your hands full and then trying to find your key. Yes keyless modern vehicles really are blessing, But are they more secure you ask I would say probably not. The reason is the vehicle is constantly looking for a unique combination of numbers. Obviously these numbers are relatively complex but Unfortunately there are devices known as scanner boxes that when placed close enough to the target vehicle will endeavor to bombard the vehicle with random codes until one finally works, This is known as a brute force attack. There are also other methods of gaining entry.

The following excerpt came from Wikipedia

“In 2015, it was reported that Samy Kamkar had built an inexpensive electronic device about the size of a wallet that could be concealed on or near a locked vehicle to capture a single keyless entry code to be used at a later time to unlock the vehicle. The device transmits a jamming signal to block the vehicle’s reception of rolling code signals from the owner’s fob, while recording these signals from both of his two attempts needed to unlock the vehicle. The recorded first code is sent to the vehicle only when the owner makes the second attempt, while the recorded second code is retained for future use. Kamkar stated that this vulnerability had been widely known for years to be present in many vehicle types, but was previously undemonstrated.”

This is one reason why certain cars are impossible to get insurance on with certain companies. So next time you have to rumble around in your pocket for your key to open your car just think of how safe it is. For instance a Volkswagon golf key will have appoximately 6000 combination. Just imagine how long it would take to open the car even if you had all 6000 cut keys.

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