Lost Car Keys

Firstly ensure you’ve looked properly for the keys. Call us and ask for a quote. To be able to assist you quickly we will require the following information to give you the cheapest and most accurate quote to replace your lost car key. Make and Model of Car Registration Number Your Address including post code

Replacement Car Keys

Automotive Locks hold a huge variety of blank keys for all makes and models of vehicles. We also equipped with the tools and technology to be able to offer you with a replacement key.

Standard Keys, Transponder Keys, Remote keys, Key Cards & Close Proximity Entry.

Vehicle Opening

We use the very latest picks to open all vehicles. On a modern car when the vehicle is deadlocked the only way in is via the lock using specialist picks this method is totally non-destructive. In the event that the locks are damaged we have no other choice than to wedge the door to make a small opening to gain access to the cabin and attempt to pull the handles. We pick open 90% of all vehicle locks.

Broken Key Extraction

We use specialist extraction tools to remove broken keys. Normally keys which are cut on either side have a tendency to break where the lowest cuts are – where there is the least amount of metal. We can remove them from both door and ignition, even when it is difficult to see the broken part. In the event we are unable to remove the broken part on a door lock we will remove the lock and strip. Occasionally on the ignition lock we need to drill out the lock and replace.

Key Cutting

We can cut to code or copy cut pretty much any key on the market. We can copy your existing key or we can cut to code. If you have neither we can strip and decode the lock or decode the lock with one of our specialist lock picks. We carry a full range of keys for almost every car on the road. In the event you have an older vehicle, for example pre 1990’s, we may need to order but we can normally get them within 24 hours. We also carry a range of motor cycle keys.

Key Programming

We carry a lot of different key programming equipment so we can cover most vehicles on the road. When programming keys we normally require an immobiliser code (this is the code required by the vehicle to allow a virgin key to be added to the system). Do not worry if you do not have the codes we can get them for you or extract them from the vehicle. When programming (depending on the make) a single key can be added to the system or keys can be deleted. On some vehicles ALL keys need to be present for programming -any not present will be deleted. There are exceptions. We currently cannot programme Mercedes or Volvo vehicles. Some of the very latest VAG vehicles  (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) require keys that can only come from the dealer. But please call to check as technology is constantly changing.


On vehicles such as Toyota, older Renaults (pre 2000) or Iveco it is almost impossible to get the codes for these vehicles and in these instances we tend to remove the immobiliser box or ECU and take the information directly from the chip that is mounted to the circuit board. Basically the information is read from the chip (known as the Dump) and either copied or modified and reloaded back on to the chip. The key produced is then ready to start the vehicle.

Remote Programming

We carry a wide range of genuine manufacturers remotes and normally have a good supply in stock. We also carry a range of aftermarket remotes that can be modified to any vehicle. In the event you require a genuine remote we do not stock we can order them for next day delivery.

Replace Damaged Locks

Locks occasionally break and need replacing. We can supply and fit door, boot and ignition locks built to code from your existing key profile or code. Door and boot locks are relatively easy to remove but ignition locks sometimes require drilling out.

Re-Pinning of Locks

We have the facility to strip and rebuild existing locks to a new code. This is sometimes required if your keys have been stolen. It is also required if any of the wafers are damaged which can sometimes happen if the key has broken in the lock.




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